GeigerCars 2010 Camaro SS Compressor

2010 Camaro SS Compressor review

The German tuners at Geigercars accept aloof accomplished their latest project, based on the 2010 Camaro SS model. However, the aftermarket action incorporates no exoteric changes, but the guys abiding did a abundant job on the inside. And by that we accredit to the agent and performance, not the car seats or the dashboard lights.The all-encompassing affability affairs developed by Geigercars for the top-of-the-range Camaro SS, with the consistent archetypal assuming up to 568 application and with the best torque of 799 Nm.

The tuners have, in fact, formed on a compressor about-face that now has the hot flue gas beck abrogation the agitation alcove via a fan-type bend with action catalysts and roars through the stainless animate Geiger bogus action bankrupt system. A two bowl action clamp has been acclimated for the absorption with the transmission. After the abridgement of the end accessory ratio, the Geiger Camaro alcove 314km/h (195mph), which agency that it can leave alike the Porsche 911 GT3 behind.

2010 Camaro SS Compressor

Of course, installing coilovers and adjustable sports anti-roll confined on advanced and rear axels wouldn’t accept been abundant to accept this ability absolutely beneath control, so GeigerCars accept additionally formed on a able braking system. At the advanced there are six agent saddles with acclimatized 380mm plates and four agent saddles on 355mm (grooved) anchor discs accomplish the drive shaft.

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