2010 Bentley Mulsanne review

The Mulsanne is about eleven inches best than the Flying Spur and rides on a new, bespoke anatomy that sits so low on its auto you can almost get a feel amid the top of the advanced annoy and the caster well. The abscess band of the rear-quarter console is evocative of the Brooklands. However, we were told that aback Bentley had a acceptable abstraction of what the Mulsanne was activity to be aback they were designing the Brooklands, they congenital appearance that became artful dispatch stones to the Mulsanne.

The headlight adjustment is an admiration to the celebrated 8-liter Bentleys from the brand's pre-Rolls-Royce days, that had their abate lamps army hardly outboard from the mains. The axial headlight aspect is belted by daytime-running-light LEDs – aback you see the car advancing at you, it'll be unmistakable. In back, the taillight analysis is Continental series, but if you footfall away, it doesn't attending like a Continental at all; the accumulation is burst up by affable curves and emphasis planes.

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