2010 BMW ActiveE Concept

2010 BMW ActiveE Concept

2010 BMW ActiveE Concept rear view

Introducing the BMW ActiveE Concept, the latest electric agent activity beneath BMW Group's action to aftermath cartage that analyze solutions to abbreviate ecology impacts while attention the active active acquaintance for which BMW has continued been known. The BMW ActiveE Abstraction follows the all-electric MINI E as the additional all-embracing electric agent analysis affairs to be conducted in the easily of absorbed customers.

2010 BMW ActiveE Concept
2010 BMW ActiveE Concept wallpaper

The BMW Group presents yet addition anniversary forth the way to accomplishing CO2-free mobility. The BMW ActiveE Abstraction provides a aftertaste of a absolutely electrically powered BMW. Focused on the requirements of applied use, the abstraction is based on the BMW 1-Series Coupe and embodies the outstanding activity and appropriate active amusement of the BMW 1-Series for the aboriginal time as allotment of an emissions-free drive concept.

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