2009 Pagani Zonda R Reviews

2009 Pagani Zonda R

Though Zonda is on its exit, Pagani announced that a way-focused version of the eccentric supercar slated for the production, making the HP 750 and while taking aim Ferrari FXX. At a price of 1.2 million euro, six deposits were already placed on Zonda R, with four more waiting in the wings. The production is programmed for of March '08, right before Pagani enters its new industrial facility, less than one thousand of its current house.

The request of Mr. Pagani of the 'articles of S.A. increased considerably during these last years, involving the company to buy a new center which 's three times size of its current production of service and to let climb of 16 to 60 cars annually. Zondas used seek regularly almost the double what it supercar sold with the detail for new, so much there 's little doubt that the market is there.

2009 Pagani Zonda R

The replacement for Zonda - known in Pagani as C9 - was driven back one year at 2009, but the manufacturer of cars envisages to approve the new vehicle to be sold in Japan and the USA. He 's provided that more than 50 percent of Paganis will be sold on these markets in years to come.
Zonda R is a car designed from zero, with only 10% of the components of Zonda F to be deferred. The suspension forged in Avional, new Pagani six dispatch the transverse sequential gear box, monocoque carbon fibre, aeronautical fuel tank of four pumps are only part of the equation.

The footing developed of 47mm, the overall length of 394mm and it way is increased by 50mm. The body and aerodynamics were studied to offer the maximum downforce. Though built for the way, the project would not have received give a kick to far, if the quality and the completion of the car and its details were not up to the level of the cars of road of Pagani.

2009 Pagani Zonda R

One of the first cars to be delivered however will be maintained in a living room, will be conceived by Pagani and will be built with same materials as Zonda F, admirably texturized carbon fibre, avional, titanium, Inconel and other materials of the very last thing. In more it will comprise has announced the system of high fidelity which will make it possible to the customer to listen to the noise of this car at Mans and Nurburgring.

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