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BMW indicates that the engine is a all-new design, but we can the 'help of T noting that it maintains the same displacement of its predecessor, who alternatively is related to the 6.7 liters, V-12 naturally aspired in the phantom of Rolls Royce. A compression ratio of 10.0:1 is high for an engine turbocharged, but is due handy for the purpose of cooling of injecting the fuel directly in the combustion chambers. One expects that a version of 6.6 liters of new V-12 with up to 600 powers in horses also makes its manner under the cap nearest brother of the phantom of small, which will go on sale the next year and was viewed beforehand by the concept 200EX with the automatic exposure of Geneva in March. The transfer of the power to the aft wheels is an automatic transmission ZF-originating eight-speed. This gear box, which also will be described in Audi 2010 next A8, can jump its reports/ratios while to engage only one mechanism of clutch, shortening the shift stop watch and by taking account of retrograde multiple-speed.

Moreover, it is configurable for the hybrid-electric operation, that BMW will use on several nearest models, including the 7 series. The 2010 760i and 760Li obtain an engine all-nine V12 all-aluminium of twin-turbo 6.0L. In spite it of driving V12 faces a heavy body, and still with equipment of heavier luxury of Bimmer, it always develops 554 powers in horses and a couple of 533 deliver-pi, and financial discrimination is only with one bottom 5.000 t/mn. Since these wasn of engine 't machine to accelerate in the strong noise, but were to him develop you to pass above the road with pure silence. Nevertheless, the 2010 760i and 760Li would make 0-60 M/H in 4.6 seconds! According to BMW 760i fuel consumption was improved by 4.5% that the 760i former generation.

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