2009 Volvo S60 Concept Car sport

The Volvo S60 Concept that will be unveiled at next month’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) providing a unique insight into the all-new Volvo S60 due in 2010.The all-new S60 will be one of the strongest players in a segment where the competition is razor-sharp,” says Volvo Cars President and CEO Stephen Odell.The coupe-inspired lines that gave the original S60 its characteristic stance are even more pronounced in the next generation.The sporty design gives visual promise of an enthusiastic drive and I can assure you here and now that the all-new S60 will live up to that promise. The driving properties are better than in any previous Volvo. The car’s technology will help you to be a better and safer driver,” says Stephen Odell. the ord can look at liquidating its stake of control in Volvo in the near future, but these hasn 't stopped the manufacturer of Swedish car forging its own destiny.

Place to be revealed for the first time publicly at the exposure 2009 automatic of Strait in January, the new S60 concept is a forecast of the next S60 generation which must embark in2010. The car again concept represents a seismic variation in the manner that Volvo designs cars, and is perhaps Volvo 'the hottest car of glance of S up to now.

Volvo unrolled a truck again concept here which views the next generation of its S60 truck of intermediate size. The truck swoopy almost has half-compartment-like proportions with its back-light and curves overflowing that a ventilator 240 would never identify as Volvo. Most important is what 's under the cap. The 1.6L with four cylinders is a forecast of Ford 'small engine of EcoBoost of displacement of S first. With the direct injection and turbocharging, the mill 1.6L produces 180 powers in horses and mark a mpg 47 compound (the United States). The carbon dioxide emissions are only 119g/km. In addition to the engine of GTDI, S60 is equipped with beginning and fine automatic, of a duelle gear box speed of clutch 6, of a direction of electric current and an obturator of grill. This last element is closed in addition to flow of air to the radiator so nonnecessary and reduces the aerodynamic trail. The new engine is due to the production of beginning later in 2009 for European fords and we will see it probably here thereafter.

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