BUGATTI New 2010

We aren't sure who's responsible for the rendering above, but if Bugatti were to go the sedan/limo route, this is one person's idea of a new Bugatti Royale. From this angle, we are definitely in. It's a car in which we could see going very fast, very comfortably, on our way to Biarritz with three of those damsels we met at the craps table in Monaco.

The roof, a transparent polycarbonate removable section that comes with its own stand, is either on or off, as there's no room to take it with you. To protect driver and passenger from a sudden shower, Bugatti includes an innovative rectangular umbrella-like soft-top stowed in the front luggage compartment that's good for speeds up to 130 km/h (80 mph); Bugatti Sales and Marketing Director Alasdair Stewart said the idea came from seeing a classic Type 35 drive by with the passenger shielding the driver from the rain with an umbrella.

bugatti already announced there will be an even more powerful and expensive model than Veyron. It’s true this will be the Project Lydia, a 1175 hp supercar that will be priced at more than 2.5 million euro. But this won’t be the only big thing coming from Bugatti. We all know they like exclusive thing and want to have a world to say in the auto-industry. So why just the supercars world? After all there are a lot of people who would pay one million dollars to own a sedan for their family! Right, no? It seems this is what the company wants: a 950 hp, one million dollar sedan that will be launched in 2010.

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