Toyota AE86 New

Toyota also has plans with share with the successor of Toyota AE86 is to create the best. The excessive series Toyota AE86 is a light body, a perfect handling and the most important sweeping force is behind the wheel. The rumour is in the can of the magazine of the motor vehicles of Japan that the best car is the possibility than the car is the result of the co-operation Toyota and Subaru. Information that Rini obtain some actions Subaru Toyota became so much easier in the car together.

You remember the history of initial comic D, are always a work Shuichi Shigeno of manga and of animates. The cartoons are stories informed on the races of cars by a child knows that the salesman called Takumi Fujiwara. It was very gifted to make the drift of Akina of race in bottom of the mountain, located in the prefecture of Gunma, Japan. By using the old car Toyota AE86 had by his father, it can the adversary of melewat-lawannya which has a car more than the car the 'capacity of S, even classmates Nissan GTR.

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