New Volkswagen Rabbit 2010

The golf of Volkswagen of fifth-generation (rabbit badged for the states) is only now in the American showrooms, two years after its European beginning. VW is, however, operation already occupied on the next version, due in 2009. The bedplate will defer without change, but the vehicle will have a more dynamic position and looks at classieux.

2010 Volkswagen Golf Rear Three Quarter View

Await a standard five-cylinder of 2.5 liters with 2.0 liters available turbo and engines turbo-diesel. One of greatest successes in the history of auto industry was the coleopter of Volkswagen. Since it was presented in the Forties, it captured the imagination of the drivers. When the old coleopter was stopped, people cried stinking and soon Volkswagen paid and came outside with the new coleopter.

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