Volvo C30 Concept modification

They gave me a 2008 Volvo C30 to drive. I actually asked for it because I like to drive something different when I can. They always try to put you in a model either the same as the one you own or higher, but I wanted to see what the C30 was all about.

From the outside the C30 looks like a Volvo, and has the very distinctive Volvo lines. It’s nose is Volvo, and it has the Volvo hips on it that make it look very Volvo. I like the Volvo body style so the outside is a winner for me. It looks very exciting and very Volvo. The front bumper is very sporty looking and has an aggressive look to it. The rear is a bit odd but it works as a hatch back. I would have liked to have more room to slide in wider objects but over all it’s good.

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