G-Power BMW M3 CSL 2007


northern German refiners G-POWER present a further exemplar for BMW series vehicles equipped with V10 motors. First time vehicle presentation was held June 2007 at the Salzburg-Ring in Austria during the M Drivers Club meeting; official partners of G-POWER. The modulation of the larger V10 aggregate to the significantly smaller M3 CSL engine compartment is mastered by G-POWER with flying colours. its very beautifuly car this 2007 automotive in world.


Directly consequential to the V10 series aggregate from the M5 is a substantial increase in performance alone, yet G-POWER would not be G-POWER if there wasn’t more to be had. Pertaining to engine tuning, G-POWER’s customers benefit from 26 years of collected experience.Balancing this experience, the V10 elicits 550 hp and catapults to an acceleration of guaranteed 580Nm. In contrast to the original six-cylinder in-line engine with 360 hp and 370 Nm, the results are really quite impressive. The remaining facts are no less spectacular.

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