2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Emergency Concept

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG EmergencyMercedes-Benz SLS AMG Medical Concept
Mercedes-Benz just revealed an idea vehicle which should significantly reduce response occasions for emergency medical service companies. While a modified Runner commercial van would appear such as the logical choice, the car maker rather is serving up a version of their SLS AMG supercar for consideration.Mercedes required its gullwing supercar, smacked on the couple of red-colored peel off stickers with ”SLS EMERGENCY MEDICAL” lettering, capped them back having a requisite light bar with blue light beams and voilĂ : an EMT’s first responder vehicle having a hands-built 563 horsepower engine under hood along with a -60 duration of just below 4 seconds. It’s an ambulance chaser’s worst nightmare. The only issue we have seen with this particular special emergency vehicle is how exactly would you’d put an hurt passenger in route towards the hospital. Why Mercedes made a decision to result in the unusual concept is really a mystery, but it’s presently on display in the eleventh annual RETTmobil trade show in Fulda, Germany from today until May 13. Based on the RETTmobil website, the big event is “Europe’s leading exhibition for save and mobility” exhibiting the most recent in training techniques and, obviously, items.

Together with the SLS emergency medical vehicle, Mercedes is exhibiting your body frames of the Mercedes C-Class and E-class to show each car’s strength and safety, using the E-Cass suspended within an electric display situation that rotates to simulate a rollover crash. But there’s without doubt that that emergency vehicle using the gullwing doorways can create probably the most buzz and attract probably the most attention in the Mercedes booth.

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