Spy Photos: AWD Mini Cooper Hybrid 2013

2013 Mini Cooper Hybrid AWD2013 Mini Cooper Hybrid AWD

Proving that you simply can pack loads of technologies and hardware into a tiny offer, we’ve encounter photos of what appears to become a hybrid version with the Mini Cooper S. Apart from the “hybrid” sticker affixed for the facet of the automobile, there’s also an unusual-looking “pumpkin” between the rear wheels.

It’s thought the hybridized Mini has all-wheel-drive courtesy of an supplemental electrical drivetrain powering the rear wheels. If accurate, this clever arrangement removes the need to have for the driveshaft or transfer situation. With packaging at a premium to start with within the Mini, this setup was likely decided upon a minimum of partially for interior packaging factors. On the other hand, it does carry up the issue of packaging the pretty much obligatory lithium-ion battery pack, which can cause packaging headaches on larger automobiles, significantly much less a sub-compact.

However, there's nonetheless 1 highly-experimental remedy that BMW might have up its sleeve to facilitate this model: Supercapacitors. These Thermos-sized energy storage models have power density similar to lithium-ion batteries, but in a considerably a lot more compact dimensions. If this model does arrive to marketplace, it may be the first mass-production application of this emerging technology.

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