DMC tuner Porsche Panamera Program

German tuner has just announced its official results and DMC style package for the Porsche Panamera. The kit includes the aerodynamic and engine tune-up. The exterior body parts remain faithful to the designer of "Simple but dynamic" vision.
DMC tuner Porsche Panamera Program
Porsche Panamera Program DMC tuner
All components are made from 100 percent carbon fiber. The front spoiler lip not only reduces lift on the front, but also adds an aggressive look Panamera. grids seed has the know-how produces carbon fiber, which can also be found behind the speaker. Maintains driving stability, improving airflow and making the Panamera seems to stand out from the crowd.

On the motor side of the DMC is now offering a package that improves engine power and torque. Stock Engine 4.8 liters 500 hp twin turbo with 580hp OEM stands button integrated sport. the motor torque is increased from £ 516 £ 605-ft-ft. In addition to the normal modes of supply, increases engine power 550hp and 575 pound-feet.

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