2011 Mercedes Viano: BRABUS iBusiness 3D

2011 Mercedes Viano BRABUS iBusiness 3D2011 BRABUS iBusiness 3D Mercedes Viano
move into a new BRABUS Viano Mercedes wheels in an exclusive lounge for 3D multimedia: In BRABUS iBusiness '3 D 'Brabus interior designers and electronics experts combine state-of-the-art 3D entertainment technology to Sony, the components of Apple as the iPad, MacMini, iPhone and iPod Touch that control the whole train of multimedia devices. luxury van celebrates its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. In addition, a multimedia package for the vehicle is also equipped with a beautiful new customization program BRABUS Viano.The "3D iBusiness" Brabus concept is the evolution of just 2011 for the first generation of the Mercedes van, which Brabus first introduced to the public at the IAA 2009.
2011 Mercedes Viano BRABUS iBusiness 3D2011 Mercedes Viano BRABUS iBusiness 3D
BRABUS iBusiness 3D interior
Bigger is better and it is also true for the screen that can be extended from the partition behind the front seats at the touch of a button. In this case, a 40-inch LCD screen with Sony Bravia TV technology advanced 3D. 3D films are played by a PlayStation ® 3, which of course can also be used to play this unique racing game Gran Turismo ® 5 For TV reception system is equipped with a DVB-T.

Sony 40-inch screen is large LED-backlit display is also the state of computer-integrated system-the-art, which focuses on Apple's Mac Mini. Powerful computer is connected to UMTS and HSDPA, and has Wi-Fi wireless network integration to other computers on the vehicle.

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