Nissan Esflow Concept Sports Coupe

Nissan Esflow ConceptNissan Esflow Concept
This will be one of the stars of Nissan stand (with the GT-R Egoist to € 177,000), here is the Nissan Esflow is in a sense the Leaf Sports coupe with two seats. A look rather successful, a dynamic design that draws a little inspiration are in the 370Z and GT-R, large wheels and raised the 4 corners on this one, the whole is rather attractive for a cut of midrange.
Nissan Esflow ConceptNissan Esflow Concept
Esflow this program, a lightweight structure made of aluminum and composite materials but also an electric motor made of two motors that drive the rear wheels and according to Esflow allow Nissan to reach 100 km / h in less of 5.0 seconds is a faster time than that achieved by the 370Z. Simply wish that this coupe offers other Esflow performance than the Leaf for the song is at the height of the plumage rather pleasant.

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