MINI Rocketman Concept Geneva Motor Show

MINI Rocketman ConceptMINI Concept Rocketman
While recent efforts of the MINI have generally sought to develop the brand, the automaker BMW started under control of a concept in early March at the Geneva Motor Show, which focuses on reducing its range: the MINI Rocketman concept. Measuring just over 11 feet in overall length Rocketman takes a page from Toyota / Scion iQ book design by offering a 3 +1 seating. Just like iQ is a small hatchback Rocketman three doors for urban users, primarily in Europe.
MINI Rocketman ConceptMINI Rocketman ConceptMINI Rocketman Concept
Its basic design draws heavily from the mini models, mainly the contraction of the scale will work best in a very urban city car. Rocketman on the roof with the traditional Union Jack flag motif, although part of the vehicle structure. Carbon fiber frame space to keep the weight down to Rocketman, which helps fuel economy around 78 mpg.Rocketman global proportions - at least relative to its overall length of 135-inches - is not far from a long wheelbase version of the original Mini.

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