Lancia Thema 2012 Debut At The Geneva Motor Show

New Lancia Thema 2012Lancia Thema 2012
The new Lancia Thema debut in 2011 Geneva Motor Show, writes a new chapter in the legendary history of the brand. The first flagship World, which combines the best of both worlds, became the new vehicle propulsion based on the Chrysler 300 and is ready, as the first theme, in 1984, taking the hardest, but also the segment most prestigious to strive to provide finally a real alternative. To achieve this goal, the new theme combines the size, comfort and impressive presence on the road, usually features American, with the luxury of Poltrona Frau ® leather interior, great Lancia cocooning silence and attention to detail, expresses all the best of Italian design.

For sale from October 2011 to all European distributors are Lancia Thema is available in two trim levels - Gold and Platinum - and three versions of the engine: 292 HP 3.6L V6 gasoline engine with automatic transmission and 190 hp eight reports or 224 hp 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine, both with automatic transmission 5-speed.

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