Aerius Concept Electric Sports Coupe

Aerius Concept ElectricAerius Concept ElectricAerius Concept Electric
Bugatti Veyron is too expensive to collect banned in the streets of the United States because it does not meet the country recently introduced (and some say draconian) laws on emissions. Dozens of Corvette Z06 incursion tired heart of America, their engines need service, and peeling paint, their driver hick desperately to avoid the iron fist of the dowry. E85 costs $ 9.00 U.S. a gallon of hydrogen is referred to the Intergovernmental trucks and some luxury cars, high prices.
Aerius Concept ElectricAerius Concept Electric
So Mad world Maxian will Aerius: high-performance EV electric motors and wheel hubs, the carbon nanotube super capacitors for energy storage and solar panels for the download to go. Bio, jet fighter-like design and credibility with disenchanted green motoring enthusiasts have desired, it is certainly Aerius 2025 's Car of the Year.

Okay, back to reality. The Aerius is a design study by Cheng Pei "Patrick" Hseih and, frankly, is fantastic. We have seen many of these studies by Carscoop, and this is my favorite. It's like a strange mix between a shark, the BMW M1 Hommage concept is and F-35 fighter jet. And it works like a drawing class! You can view our complete gallery below and leave your room in the comments section.

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