2011 Toyota Matrix Upcoming Chicago Auto Show

2011 Toyota Matrix2011 Toyota Matrix
2011 Toyota Matrix five-door hatchback blessed with a wink and will miss the cooling. Closer look and you will see some new wheel designs and mild changes in the interior.
2011 Toyota Matrix
2011 Toyota Matrix Comes to Chicago to see with new wheels, interior imageDebuting at the Chicago Auto Show, the 2011 Matrix retains the same 132-power 1.8-liter 158-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder as before . Wheel drive is an option with the 2.4 liter engine and a four-speed automatic. Other versions are available with five-speed automatic transmission or manual.
2011 Toyota Matrix Interior
2011 Toyota Matrix Interior View
Only a change in fuel economy with a smaller engine and four-speed automatic: 32 mpg highway a better rating in 16-inch steel wheels with a redesigned cover and a new 17-inch five-spoke Matrix S. The only external change is the addition of color: Are you Micah.

Toyota seems to have paid the most attention inside the Matrix 2011. A number of attitude changes were made to try to cool the interior. There are new seat fabrics, a new audio device surface hunt this year and has a newly designed leather steering wheel. The Smart Technology Stop brake override system is also standard. The basis of the matrix model will be available at $ 19,305, an increase of $ 1,845 compared with the previous model. The Matrix, 2011 will arrive in dealerships this spring.

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