Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid Concept

Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid ConceptVolkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid

Volkswagen is set to steal Qatar Motor Show this week, the latest "machine liter" XL1 - diesel hybrid concept, which can produce more than 300mpg. The new car is the third built on the concept of a vision to travel 100 km (62 miles) in one liter of fuel. The first two vehicles in circulation in 2002 and 2009, used for the seats in tandem, but the XL1 to achieve a goal (or 0.9l/100km, run away) when you are looking for much the usual.
Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid Concept
Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid Concept Interior
Volkswagen XL1 Diesel Hybrid Interior View

XL1 is powered by a source of 800cc two-cylinder turbo power (half engine BlueMotion), producing 47bhp. It supports the 27bhp electric motor that is powered by a lithium ion battery. These can be imposed on internal plug, which allows the car to travel 35 km (22 miles) on electricity alone. The electric motor can also be used to support the torque of the diesel engine in the "full throttle acceleration, lifting the figure of £ 74m to £ 103 feet, but it also contributes to the overall effectiveness is well beyond the regular production cars. XL1 8bhp only requires to maintain a constant speed of 62 mph, however, requires a 1.6 TDI Golf 18bhp accomplish the same feat. The result is a car that you can go back and let 313.9mpg only 24g/km of CO2 - the same time allowing a maximum speed of 100 mph (electronically limited) and 0-62 mph time of 11.9sec. Despite its relatively small 10-liter tank of diesel, there are several XL1 about 340 km.

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