New Noble M600 Supercar detailed

Noble M600 Supercar

Noble M600 Supercar rear viewNoble M600 Supercar

last supercar Noble M600, broke cover a year ago, but the manufacturer has since made some changes to its production cars. The last time we saw the car was also limited to one, teal very doubtful. Today we can see the M600 in glory to put on a decent scheme.Building paint on the success of models M14 and M15, M600 promises to be the most powerful to date Noble, with results that meet with the best in the industry. The Noble M600 is powered by a DOHC 4.4-liter Yamaha V8, which was originally located across the Volvo XC90. unique origin of engine also explains the angle of 60 degrees in the V8.
Noble M600 Supercar engine
Naturally Noble also adds a couple of turbochargers, 15 lbs of thrust, and make peak power at 650 horses. For those who drive not quite comfortable with that much power over the other, the car can be switched to either 550 or 450 horsepower settings.
Noble M600 Supercar interior
Noble M600 Supercar Interior view

six-speed manual transmission is available only in exchange for the M600, which is of simple design and driver control. There are very few "automatic" operation occurs M600, with the exception of raw power and speed when you press the accelerator. Much like the Dodge Viper, the M600 does not offer much in terms of electronic nannies. The traction control is almost the only electronic support available, and although it can be switched off completely. M600 is not available in the ESP or ABS brakes.

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