Caparo T1 V8 Sports Car

Caparo T1 V8 Sports Car Caparo T1 sport car Vehicle Technologies - a consulting firm new and advanced automotive formed a year ago by the rapidly expanding Caparo Group to provide carmakers globally with a center of excellence in lightweight vehicle design - puts the finishing touches in the first car that has occurred. Caparo T1 is the product of CAPARO embedded technologies, an arm of Britsh CAPARO conglomerate, which is owned by Lord Swaraj Paul and CEO of his son Angad is behind that car Caparo T1.
Caparo T1 V8 Sports Car Caparo T1 V8 Sports Car

The Caparo T1 is a high performance two-seater sports car with the aerodynamics at high resolution, which was designed with the looks and performance close to that of a race car with mass production of Formula One to begin, the car will be built for discerning customers seeking the ultimate track day vehicle-passable road. The Caparo T1 Caparo V8 sports car is also a center of high technology to prove the company and the vehicle design in engineering capabilities.

This means the Caparo T1 Caparo V8 Sport is lighter and faster than a sports car prize Mans. As for the power to weight ratio / her closest rival would be the latest super-bikes, which are now capable of delivering 185 horsepower kg, which is below the magic 1000 figure 175 hp per tonne. Apart from these two-wheelers and Formula One cars, no other road or track car comes anywhere close to the Caparo T1 power to weight ratio and highly efficient aerodynamic properties.

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