Astrum Meera Concept Cars by Skyrill Design

Astrum Meera Concept Cars

Astrum Meera Concept Cars

Concept cars accept an different way to accomplish us dream of the future. Taking cues from the crop of levitating designs that accept risen in the endure little while, the Astrum Meera is a car abstraction that uses alluring technology lighten the absolute frame. That's absolutely what the Astrum Meera does: puts you in a apple area technology and architecture absolved a continued aisle and begin absolute balance.Created by Skyrill Architecture Studios from Bahrain, the “Astrum Meera” is a car abstraction that incorporates characteristic appearance in a rather applied architecture to action a safe and acceptable ride in the canicule to come. Astrum Meera’s anatomy is about abeyant hardly aloft the tires, which abide to break ashore to the pavement.

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