2012 New Engine Of 660cc Suzuki MR Wagon

New MR Wagon 2012
New MR Wagon 2012

2012 Suzuki MR Wagon is a new beginning and a new gasoline engine 660cc three-cylinder is connected to a continuously variable transmission. Japan 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon kei car is built on a new development platform, just 3,395 mm long, 1475 wide and 1625 high. When a pitch of 65 mm longer than its predecessor, and 2.425 mm, the new 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon promises to provide more space for passengers and greater comfort and stability on the road.
Interior New MR Wagon 20122011 Suzuki MR Wagon Interior

Japan 2011 Suzuki MR Wagon offers a 0.7-liter three-cylinder engine from the atmosphere and supercharged flavor, which produces 54 HP and 64HP, respectively, when the buyer can choose the design of the front and four-wheel drive. Other 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon features a touch screen system in the center console and the availability of ESP with Hill Hold Control. 2012 Suzuki MR Wagon kei car can be ordered from Japan, with prices ranging from 1,131,900 yen (about U.S. $ 13,700).

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