Spy Photo New 2011 Audi Q3

2011 Audi Q3 Began Testing  First Spy Pics New 2011 Audi Q3 spy photos

These are the first spy photos of the new CUV model Audi Q3, filmed on the road. Expected that the new Q3 be quite expressive and aggressive design, there will be things in common in the style of the front with larger Q5. Most likely your wheels will be larger - 18 to 20 inches. Overall, the future Audi Q3 will serve as a more luxurious and better-equipped VW Tiguan, which shared the same platform. This is a platform which makes and Golf.
2011 Audi Q3 Began Testing  First Spy Pics New 2011 Audi Q3
Unlike most other models of Audi, Audi Q3 will be the system Haldex quattro, instead of the Torsen. Some engines will see two-liter four-cylinder TFSI with 211 hp power Very likely among the aggregates used in the Q3 will be supercharged V6, used in S4. Transmission in Q3 will be a new generation S-tronic dual-clutch. In Europe alone there will be version 1.4 TFSI engine with power in the 130-150 hp, and two turbo diesel versions.

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