Japan : 2011 Daihatsu Move Release

2011 Daihatsu Move side view Release2011 Daihatsu Move Release

JAPAN. Although the Daihatsu vehicles are not very common on Spanish roads, in Japan it is not unusual to find a bunch of them just go out into the street. And it is next to Suzuki the leading brand special segment of kei-cars. Among their top models is the Daihatsu Move, which now receives a restyling.
Facing the new year, a small minivan debuts grill, front and rear bumpers, rear lights and wheel design. You can add new colors, more resistant upholstery and a more complete equipment. Under the hood comes an evolution of KF engine with up to 64 hp, but with Stop & Start system standard. As is customary in Japan, both the CVT and all-wheel drive are available depending on version. Unfortunately, this model will not see it here because it is reserved for Japan and other Asian countries.

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