2011 Mercedes SLK RS Final Edition By PIECHA Design

PIECHA Mercedes SLK RS Final EditionPIECHA Mercedes SLK RS Final Edition

PIECHA Design Mercedes-Benz SLK R171 Final Performance RS Edition The best saved for last: The final performance RS edition by Piecha Design While the production of the highly successful SLK series R171 was just suspended, the new edition of the small Mercedes-Benz roadster should be completed in about half a year – after all, only masked prototypes are currently completing their laps. In order to cover the truth, the Mercedes-Benz operator PIECHA Design – in cooperation with the Swiss general importer of the company, the Auto Trachsler AG from Wetzikon – produces a unique final edition series.
PIECHA Mercedes SLK RS Final Edition photosMercedes SLK RS Final Edition PIECHA

One takes a brand-new and fully equipped SLR R171, garnished it with the best design programmes from PIECHA and painted the car in one colour, which was not available during the entire SLK R171time. Thus, the recipe for the PIECHA Design calls for “Final Performance RS EDITION,” which is selectively available in fire opal red semi-matt with black top or diamond white metallic semi-matt. The interior is equipped with matching black nappa leather and red resp. white seams.

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