2010 Venturi America High-speed by Buggy

2010 Venturi America High-speed by Buggy  Venturi America by Buggy

America Ventury is quite high, its ground clearance is 19 inches below the axles, at the center of the 4.12 meter long car are even 28.5 centimeters of air. Venturi certifies its current extraordinary diversity - the buggy should both be on the road as well in the area do that with its 180 km / h on a paved runway looks good.

For driving in America, a new electric engine with an output of 220 kilowatts (300 hp). Venturi speaks of the most advanced ever developed for cars electric machine. The unit also comes in the second generation F├ętish used. It generates a maximum torque of 380 Newton meters, the minimum rest between zero and 6,000 rpm. The liquid-cooled engine spins up to 12,500 rpm high. Power is transmitted to an input gear with fixed gear ratios.

Venturi America Spec :

Engine and Transmission
Electric Motor
max. Power: 220 kW (300 hp)
max. Torque: 380 Nm
Rear wheel drive

Front track: 1.568 mm
Rear track: 1,600 mm
Front Suspension: wishbones
Rear Suspension: wishbones
Front brake: disc brakes, internally ventilated 405 x 34 mm
Rear brakes: Disc brakes, internally ventilated 380 x 32 mm
Wheels and Tyres front: 255/45 R20 on 8.5 J x 20
Rear wheels and tires: 255/45 R20 on 8.5 J x 20
Ground clearance: 190 mm

Weights and Measures
Length: 4.120 mm
Width: 1.965 mm
Height: 1,390 mm
Wheelbase: 2,670 mm
Empty Weight: 1.350 kg

Maximum speed: 180 km / h

More information
Battery Type: Lithium-polymer
Battery Capacity: 54 kWh
Battery weight: 450 kg
Battery life: over 1,800 charge cycles
Battery charging time (230 V, 16 A): 8 h
Battery charging time (220 V, 32 A): 3
Range: 300 km

2010 Venturi America By Buggy ( Gallery and Picture )

2010 Venturi America By Buggy2010 Venturi America By Buggy

2010 Venturi America By Buggy2010 Venturi America By Buggy

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