2011 Toyota Verso - S Preview Paris Auto Show

2011 Toyota Verso - S2011 Toyota Verso - S

At the accessible Paris Motor Show in September, Toyota will present its latest alms in the aggressive mini-minivan segment. The Verso-S, an MPV with a brand almost beyond than Toyota's accepted North American offerings, will segue Toyota aback into the B-segment with an able, space-efficient competitor.

2011 Toyota Verso - S Interior2011 Toyota Verso - S Interior View

While Verso S capacity are still thin, the photos apparent actuality announce that Toyota has taken administration cues from some of the above European marques, such as Renault, in designing its MPV. The beefy exoteric hides the actuality that, at aloof four meters (about 157 inches) it's almost best than a Yaris hatchback, and about two anxiety beneath than a Corolla sedan. The autogenous is a accustomed Toyota design, with a high-mounted gearbox.

We're not abiding if the Verso-S will eventually accomplish it to North America (unlike Ford's audible plan for its abutting Focus C-Max MPV). The Verso name is accustomed to Japanese and European buyers who accept had their best of a Corolla Verso or a Yaris Verso, over several generations, for a little beneath than a decade.

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