NEWS: Mercedes A-Class EV at Paris Auto Show

Mercedes A-Class EV

Mercedes-Benz A-Class EV

The Mercedes A-Class EV has finally come of age! Mercedes has confirmed that it will show the production version of its all-electric A-Class concept at the Paris Motor Show, alongside the firm’s new CLS.

Called the E-Cell, 500 cars will be built at first and will go on trial in Europe next year. The trial will be used to build-up a bank of data about how drivers use electric cars, much like BMW is doing with its MINI E and forthcoming 1-Series-Coupe-based ActivE programmes. The firm confirmed that customers will be chosen and then leased the car for a period of four years.

As well as going on trial in Mercedes’ home city of Stuttgart, the E-Cell will join a fleet of alternatively powered cars and vans as part of Mercedes’ ‘e-mobility Baden-W├╝rttemberg’ project.

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