2010 New BMW 328i Sedan, start $32,850

2010 New BMW 328i Sedan

2010 New BMW 328i Sedan

2010 New BMW 328i Sedan
2010 New BMW 328i Sedan interior
2010 New BMW 328i Sedan and sportwagon models were freshened last year, with the former gaining a new turbodiesel engine. New M3 convertible brought total M offerings to an appropriate three. As such, the 2010 lineup is anticipated to be nearly identical, only expected changes being minor tweaks.The real fun is not when you're looking at it, but when you are behind the wheel with the six-speed manual at you're hand.

The car is so fun, it has that go-kart feeling, but a refined one. This car is such a tire-grabbing machine around tight corners; it really makes you want to take the long way home. There are gobs of power which make the commute a pleasant one. This is the kind of car that if I had a commute of two miles or 50 miles each day, I would still opt for this. It is fun on short stints and makes the longer ones feel short. If you're looking for a fun car that's sporty and a lot of fun to drive and has room for passengers, look no further.

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