2010 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid review

2010 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

New Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid review

This Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid sacrifices annihilation in amalgam guise. I was absolutely aflame to drive a Silverado as it's been awhile for me, and this auto did not disappoint. The fuel-economy abstracts are adequately respectable, and the amalgam arrangement works flawlessly. The stop/start arrangement was smooth, and the agent kicked off sometimes and I didn't alike notice. It happened at cartage lights, in rush-hour cartage and alike at the gates to One AutoWeek Tower. I feathered the burke in the final instance and coasted beneath electric ability into a parking sport. The alone babble was a Derek and the Dominoes song.

But like Clapton and the guitar, this barter is iconic for a reason, and this Chevy still hangs its hat on power. The 332-hp achievement is actual strong. I launched from a standstill to about 50 mph with ease, mashing the burke as agent acceleration hit abutting to 6,000 revs. You can call the tires a bit too, and the brakes are additionally strong.

2010 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid
2010 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid Interior

What I like about the Silverado, amalgam or otherwise, is how able-bodied angled it is. I put it aloof abaft the Ford F-150 as far as actuality the absolute barter package. The council has a nice weight to it, and this barter handles bigger than the sometimes ungainly Ram. It additionally feels gutsier than the Toyota Tundra. I additionally admired the autogenous of the Chevy. Great seats, nice gauges, a arch alley view. Plus, the advancement camera is actual clear. I was abashed at how aciculate the white shutters and brick achromatize of a architecture abaft my accommodation appeared on a brilliant morning as I backed out. It was like television.

I did anticipate the abeyance was a blow beneath affectionate than some of the added big trucks I've been in lately, abnormally the Ram. There's aloof beneath beanbag over bumps. The grille and headlights attending adventurous in front, and clashing the bulky Toyota and alike cartoonish Dodge, this Silverado has sleek, apple-pie sheetmetal. It's a actual timeless, accepted look.

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