The car will be congenital on 2013 BMW 3 SERIES new MSB architecture, which agency it will allotment its strut advanced end blueprint with the next-gen 1-series (codenamed F20) rather than use the bifold wishbones of the 5, 6, and 7-series cars.

For the aboriginal time, there will be bristles altered 3-series bodystyles. The four-door sedan, which will arise March 2012, touring wagon (Sep 2012), auto (Sep 2013), and convertible (Mar 2014) will all chase the accustomed 3-series formula. The newcomer to the ancestors is the auto Grand Turismo version, set to arise in March 2013. The GT3 is abundant added lifestyle-oriented and sportier than the GT5. It has a abysmal and advanced tailgate, but it is a single-piece assemblage rather than the abundant and circuitous two-piece bear of the GT5, and there is added of a notchback contour to the rear end. In agreement of height, the GT3 sits amid amid the 3-series auto and the GT5.

The four-door auto is in aspect a downsized 5-series, longer, sleeker and added akin than the archetypal it supersedes, with none of the polarizing cutlines, blaze surfaces, and arbitrary details. The auto is not aloof a two-door auto with a lower roofline but boasts bespoke area metal from adenoids to tail, featuring added sculptured flanks, a added steeply raked windshield and rear window, a sportier advanced area and a absolutely remodelled rear end. To enhance the acquiescent assurance performance, BMW has autonomous for arresting B-posts and appropriately for anchored rear ancillary windows.

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