NEW AUDI A8 L ( 2011 ) REVEALED at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show

NEW AUDI A8 L ( 2011 )

Audi A8 L is a concentrated high-tech amalgamation that confirms the Audi affirmation to abstruse administration - "Vorsprung durch Technik". And now the casting is introducing the top adaptation of its flagship model. The New Audi A8 L W12 quattro, with a continued wheelbase and a twelve-cylinder engine, sets new standards of luxury, action and ability in the top auto accomplishment league. The Audi A8 L is actuality launched with a twelve-cylinder engine, but by the end of the year will be accessible with all the engines currently offered for the A8. What's alluring about the Audi A8 L is its chiefly able presence; its architecture is acutely acquired from the brand's genes and yet has undergone added refinement. The continued wheelbase does not afflict its close outlines, which abide as able-bodied as they are elegant.

NEW AUDI A8 L ( 2011 )AUDI A8 L ( 2011 )

With an all-embracing breadth of 5,267 millimeters (17.28 ft), the new Audi A8 L is 130 mm (0.43 ft) best than the approved version. The wheelbase has developed by the aforementioned amount, to 3,122 mm (10.24 ft). The amplitude charcoal banausic at 1,949 mm (6.39 ft); the acme has added by 2 mm (0.08 in) to 1,462 mm (4.8 ft). Audi's new top archetypal is both best and added than its capital long-wheelbase competitors.

NEW AUDI A8 L ( 2011 )AUDI A8 L ( 2011 ) Interior Dashboard

The Audi A8 Luxury has a anatomy congenital from aluminum application the Audi Space Frame (ASF) assumption and accordingly belief about 40 percent beneath than a commensurable animate body. The ASF anatomy anatomy is congenital up from casting elements, extruded sections and area aluminum, with basic B-posts fabricated from form-hardened ultra-high backbone steel. This body's amazing acerbity is the key to the car's absolute handling, low autogenous babble levels and aerial acquiescent assurance for the occupants in the blow of an accident.

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