2010 Aston Martin One-77 Super Sport

Aston Martin One-77

2010 Aston Martin One-77 Fast Car

Until the maximum speed recorded by the super sport of the firm stood at Gaydon, specifically (but you must be precise when it comes to that point), 321.8 kilometers per hour The latest tests were conducted in southern Europe come to shutter the original performance pieces. And again underlines Aston Martin, the weather was not optimal, blamed a capricious wind.

This has not prevented the Aston Martin One-77 to sign a blistering speed with 354.86 km / h on the meter, a threshold speed never before achieved by a model of the British brand. Confirmation, at last there was doubt, a V12 7.3 l freeing some 700 hp sends timber. Now the engineers at Gaydon will address new dynamic tests before delivery of the magnificent One-77 will start in the middle of next year. But to get a different idea of the potential of this radical two-seater coupe, also be expected to know more about this version specially devoted to grind some mythical track.

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