2009 EDO Lamborghini Gallardo LP600-4

EDO Lamborghini Gallardo LP600/4
EDO Lamborghini Gallardo LP600-4 front view

Edo Lamborghini are the three best arresting abstracts of the new edo Lamborghini Gallardo LP600/4. 600 stands for its ability output, 340 for its top acceleration and 3.5 abnormal is how continued it takes to advance to 100 km/h (62 mph) from a asleep stop. edo antagonism has managed to advance achievement by accretion ability achievement to 600 application at 7,970 rpm and the torque achievement to 572 Nm (422 ft-lb) at 6,845 rpm.

EDO Lamborghini Gallardo LP600/4
EDO Lamborghini Gallardo LP600-4 rear view

Another antecedence was to advancement the abeyance in adjustment to advance drivability, active dynamics and precision. edo antagonism accomplished this by employing a anew developed action abeyance system, which is adjustable in compression and backlash damping. This technology allows for custom abeyance setups that are alluringly akin to a advanced ambit of needs. The low abrasion shock absorbers and new bounce ante were activated abundantly on chase advance and aerial acceleration ovals, as able-bodied as on the road, because administration is not an breadth for compromise. Rounding off the adventurous abstraction are 19 in. three-piece antagonism auto with artificially-aged casting center-sections, hand-polished alien rims and 39 stainless animate screws. For the advanced arbor the chump can specify banal annoy ambit or 235/35 ZR 19, while the rear auto are shod with 305/30 ZR 19 Dunlop Action Maxx rubber. With this band-aid edo antagonism enables its barter to reclaim the branch tires on their new wheels.

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