2009 Mercedes-Benz G550

The off-roader of the benz G550 from Mercedes obtains the same reinforcement like the original which was presented there are 30 years like G-Class or Gelandewagen with the purists as outward journey-does not import where, cross-country military vehicle, and goes up today on primarily the same reinforcement as the original, with same the provision of suspension and to name almost identical. The off-roader obtains work for the three decades in two key zones: luxate and power.

Benz G550 from Mercedes which comes from the standards with all. No list of options exists. The standard equipment comprises a sunroof, a windshield with built-in Land Rover of elements of heating; Navigation system of the COMMAND of Mercedes with the radio of Bluetooth, of Sirius, and the connectivity of iPod; power in 10 manners and seats before heating; back seats heated; and a camera rear view mirror, among a crowd of other sugar refineries.

The benz 2009 of Mercedes G550 is gotten mixed up with a 5.5-Liter V-8 producing of 382HP and 391 deliver-pi couple as in its other applications and grognant by an exhaust which empties outside right in front of each aft wheel, the aluminium whips of piece this packing case of 5700 pounds with 60 M/H in 5.9 seconds and by the quarter-thousand in 14.5 to 94 Mph. For something formed like a brick and weighing almost three tons, it is class of the world.

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