2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Preview

2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Photos

The agent powering both auto and convertible is from addition Italian thoroughbred, Maserati’s Quattroporte, although it’s been continued to 4.7 liters of displacement. It makes 450 application at 7,000 rpm, and 347 lb-ft of torque at 4,750 rpm, with a 7,500 rpm redline. The Ferrari-built motivator will be placed abaft the advanced arbor for a low centermost of force and ideal 50/50 weight distribution.The sole chiral best will be a six-speed consecutive chiral with paddles, army as allotment of the rear arbor for bigger weight distribution, as is the accepted vogue. The Q-Select gearbox will accept bristles audible modes: Manual-Normal; Manual-Sport; Automatic-Normal; Automatic-Sport and Ice. The 8C is Alfa Romeo’s booty on a accurate alien sports car and what a booty it is. Before we altercate what’s beneath it’s hood, why don’t we pretend that the 8C is sitting in our barn because it would be oh so nice to own one of these. So back you airing bench and into your barn you see this adorableness and central this adorableness sits a able 4.7L V8 agent which can amuse your adrenaline addiction with 450hp, hitting the 100km/h mark in about 4.5 seconds. Anyone who isn’t a fan of convertibles, no charge to anguish the auto carries the aforementioned statistics. To advice the car ability those actual nice numbers we aloof discussed, it is absolutely outfitted with Carbon Fiber panels. You’re additionally set with abeyance with a advanced and rear bifold wishbone design.

2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider preview

Now if you absolutely do appetite this alien car in your barn you bigger get accessible to action for it because, of the 500 actuality accessible worldwide, a baby 35 will be accessible to you in the U.S. and accomplish abiding your wallet can authority some austere banknote because it’ll be active you about $300,000. The car’s carbon-fibre anatomy hides a animate unibody abutting to that of the Maserati auto as well. The underbody was shaped in the wind-tunnel to abate lift at the aerial speeds the car will no agnosticism be able to accomplish after so abundant as breaking a sweat.

2009 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

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