NEW 2010 Lexus RX350 and RX 450h

Lexus 'X-ray in an extravagant way popular SUV had been soiled on the vine, awaiting a design, during some time now. Lexus finally delivered with a model 2010 all-nine which divides much with the new crossing of Toyota Venza. The new X-ray is slightly longer and more with far that the model 2009, and it packs more powerful a V-6 engine which produces 275 powers in horses, against the 270 engine of last year of 's.

While the outside of glance seems like an organic levelling of the past, the interior is radically different. The instrument panel comprises the curves swoopy around the orders and of the central shield of posting to liquid crystals, and the lever is assembled claquent in the middle of the control room pile. As much of competitors, an ordering of place-ish controls the navigation system now, but if it becomes too awkward there 'activation of voice of S as well. The navigation system is optional.

NEW 2010 Lexus RX350 interior

The X-ray comes standard with wheels from 18 inches and 19s optional. The owners could wonder why they obtain shortchanged compared to the owners of Venza who obtain the standard 20s on the V-6 models.

Numbers of mileage weren 't released, but we suppose that the X-ray 350 will match city/road higher than the average of mpg of Venza 'of S the 19/26 for the models face-wheel-drive and 18/25 town of mpg/road for the order alwheel. An hybrid X-ray will be also offered.

NEW 2010 Lexus RX350

The automatic exposure of this year of direct visibility Anageles has some sugar refineries on the table. For example new 2010 Lexus X-ray 450h and X-ray 350 which were revealed today. Lexus X-ray 350 is 3.5 a gas engine of the V6 liter which 275hp, has a sequential box of `6 speeds in the FWD and TO DRIVING WHEELS (which employs a system WITH DRIVING WHEELS of active ordering of couple which optimizes the couple for all the conditions of control). The other - Lexus X-ray 450h - is an hybrid it of devices 3.5 an engine and races of gas of the V6 liter on Atkinson make a cycle to produce 295hp. It also employs a system of re-establishment of exhaust-heat to reduce the time when the engine must heat, and also comprises an installation of exhaust fumes recirculation. You will obtain more details approximately these two on WCF.

NEW 2010 Lexus RX350

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