NEW 2008 DAEWOO L4X Debut in Korea

The L4X made his debut in Seoul a few days ago. We have already pointed to the top of all the details of the RWD sedan date and can be found in the sidebar for archives. We will leave you with a gallery of image locations and the official press release. The L4X is based on the Holden Caprice WM. The main differences are the L4X is only available in V6 while the Holden is available with a V6 and a V8. The L4X command is left while the party against Australia is the right command. Holden.The , qui est proche d'un modèle de série, permet un premier aperçu dans quel GM Daewoo poursuit en tant que sa grande berline de la meilleure qualité. The L4X receives a different grill and a dish antenna sharkfin rather than a bee-sting product found on the rear-wheel-drive of Holden.The, which is close to a model in the series, provides a first insight into what GM Daewoo is pursuing as its large sedan of the highest quality. The future flagship of GM Daewoo claimed a higher level of improvement devices, safety and comfort.


"The L4X exemplifies what it means to be a real big sedan of the highest quality should be. He excels in the most fundamental virtues of its segment, "said Michael Grimaldi, President and CEO of GM Daewoo. "For example, it has the comfort of the segment-leading interior space and rear seat."

He added, "Our last car of exposure is not only elegant, it also offers a choice of convenience devices and appointment of luxury to satisfy the Korean consumers the most sophisticated."

The L4X comes with a power 3.6 liter powerful V-6 which is coupled with an automatic five-speed smooth-shifting. The engine of the latest alloy product of the peak power and torque to 258 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 34.7 kg.m at 3200 rpm.

What makes L4X stand out in terms of handling and higher tower is its dynamic chassis row added to a long-in-class wheelbase of 3009 millimeters, structural rigidity world-class system and a rear-wheel-drive sophisticated.

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