2010 Rolls Royce RR4 Coming soon

We saw projectiles of spy and returned of the artist, but now Rolls Royce on standby gives us the first official sketches of design of the addition to its line: the RR4, or so-called the Rolls baby, will groove below the phantom when it launches in 2010.

In opposition to the phantom which has a structure to measure and out of aluminium, the RR4 is based on BMW 2010 of the second generation 7 series, with a body mainly out of steel and aluminium to keep the total weight of almost 5000 pounds.

The engine of RR4 is new and single in Rolls Royce, the BMW-had complaints of manufacturer of cars. But the speculation of powertrain is broad. Some suggested that the car obtains a twisted version of BMW X6 new V-8 liter, twin-turbo 4.4 evaluated with 400 powers in horses and 450 deliver-feet of couple. There were rumours of a diesel option also. And, given its mission more sporting than that of the enormous phantom, this car can be honoured with something more powerful than the 453 powers in horses, DOHC, 48 the V-12 valve in Phantom-after all, the RR4 will have to compete with the continental tooth of flight of Bentley which has of the 553 powers in horses W-12 twin-turbocharged which propels it to 60 M/H in 4.6 seconds and 195 claimed M/H high speed. One expects that also the RR4 competes with Bentley Arnage and perhaps Aston Martin Rapide.
The originator as a chief Ian Cameron says that the RR4 has a presence more without ceremony that the phantom, and larger emphase on the drive. As for naming, the manufacturer of cars indicates that it was really disconnected on the design in 2007 and the hearth is now on the development of technology of the truck which internally was known like RR4 and NGS for "the truck of the new generation".

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