While him 's true that each Ferrari is innovating by definition, him 's also true that during the horse caracolant of the 'history of S, certain cars marked a true departure with the current range. It is much the case with Ferrari 458 Italy, which is a massive jump in front of the company 'of semi-back engine sport scars the preceding of S.

The new model is a synthesis of model, creative talent, passion and sharp technology, the characteristics for which Italy as nation is well-known. For this Ferrari reason chose to add the name of its fatherland to the traditional figure representing the displacement and the number of cylinders.

A two-seater berlinetta, Ferrari 458 Italy, just as now traditional for all Ferrari 'cars road-outward journey of S, advantages enormously of the company 'of the experiment of formula 1 of S. It is particularly obvious in speed and the precision with which the car answers the bushes and attention concentrated on reducing internal friction in the engine for fuel consumption lower than F430, in spite of the fact that total displacement and the power increased. However, Ferrari 'experiment of way of S makes its felt of presence in 458 Italy not only in terms of pure technology transfer but also on a more emotive level, because of the strong emphase on creating an almost symbiotic relationship between the driver and the car. 458 Italy comprise an innovating driving environment with a new kind of wheel and instrument panel which is the direct result to pack the practice. The entry of Michael Schumacher - who was implied as of same the beginning of the project of 458 Italy - played a priceless partition of value again.

Ferrari 458 Italy 'design of S Pininfarina more obviously provides complete departure to the past that this new car hails. Ferrari 458 Italy has a contract, aerodynamic form, underlining the concepts of simplicity, the effectiveness and the lightness which inspired the project. As with each Ferrari, the car 'to name S.A. very strongly influenced by the conditions for the aerodynamic effectiveness, as can be seen downforce of 140 kilogrammes to 200km/h produces by the new model. Before comprises a simple opening for the air intake d' before grill and side, with the aerodynamic sections and the profiles conceived to direct the air towards the radiators of coolant and the new flat lower part of the body.


New the 4499 DC V8 are the first engine of direct injection of Ferrari to be semi-back gone up. It has a very low size of typical compression of piston to pack the engines which contributed to carry out its compression ratio of 12.5: 1. Equipped with the traditional crankshaft of dish-plane, the engine provides cv 570 to 9000 t/mn and, with an exceptional result of power of 127 CV/litre, places a new reference mark not only for the whole chain of Ferrari and the history of the company, but also for the whole market segment. The stall torque is 540 nanometer with 6000 t/mn, more than 80 percent of which is provided by 3250 t/mn. The specific couple is a disc 120 Nm/litre. However, which is really extraordinary is the quantity of couple available while the maintenance always of the elevated levels of power to bottom revs.

The car the 'soundtrack of S is also Ferrari typical, with an excitation, grondement powerful emerging from the engine before him digs drains through worms the exhaust 'the conduits back of S three.

458 Italy are equipped with the transmission of duel-clutch seven-speed which increases the execution while providing the shifts very without clash even to the full power control. The engineers developed specific reports/ratios and more sportsmen speed to match the power and the curves of couple of new V8, guaranteeing the high torque even at the word rates lower and allowing the car to reach its maximum speed in high speed.

This new Ferrari is also an important jump forwards when it comes to the emissions from cutting. In spite of the fact that the new engine is more powerful than V8s which preceded it, Ferrari 458 Italy produces just 320 g/km CO2 and fuel consumption is 13.7 l/100 the kilometer (combined cycle), best in the whole segment.

The engineers also concentrated on the reduction of weight during the phase of design for the similar reasons. Consequently, Ferrari 458 Italy has a dry weight of 1380 kilogrammes with a report/ratio of power-with-weight of 2.42 kg/CV. The distribution of weight is also optimal with 58 percent above the rear axle. The result of the engineers of the 'efforts can be summarized inside with two simple statistics which encapsulate together perfectly Ferrari 458 Italy 'execution exceptional of S: 0-100 km/h of acceleration inside below 3.4 seconds and a maximum speed above 325 km/h.

For the new frame, once more out of aluminium, Maranello 'engineers of S incorporated various types of advanced alloys with the aerospace techniques industry-derivative of manufacture and connection.

With regard to the dynamics of vehicle, Ferrari 458 Italy 'suspension of S comprises the twin forks with before and with an installation of multi-bond to the back granted for the roadholding maximum and handling superlative. With a more direct report/ratio of direction, 458 Italy thus offer the extremely fast ordering turn-in and of body all while maintaining the comfort higher of turn.

The integration of E-Diff and F1-Trac (now ordered by the same ECU) and their respective layouts is even larger, having for result an increase of 32 percent of longitudinal acceleration out of the corners compared with the preceding models. The evolution of the monitoring logic, with still faster calculation and more precis of the levels of the handle, ensures still larger roadholding, better to handle and facilitated of order on the limit. Ferrari 458 Italy 'interior of S is another sector of the car which raises its sporting personality. The driver is accomodated by a new provision and a revolutionary ergonomic interface where all the principal orders are grouped on the wheel.


Technical specifications


Type V8 – 90°

Displacement 4499 cc (274.5 cu in.)

Maximum power 570 CV (425 kW)** @ 9000 rpm

Maximum torque 540 Nm (398 lbs/ft) @ 6000 rpm

Specific power output 127 CV/l

Compression ratio 12.5:1

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