2010 New Honda Stream

I obtain enough investigations about this van which is currently not available in North America but was widespread to be brought on board during the 2009 or 2010 years model (2009 seem not very probable, asylum of I 't considering something at Honda 's orders for the matrix 2009 model, although they could introduce this vehicle above in quantity limited and Juste boat of fall the vehicles into our inventory).

the engine of i-vtec of sohc of -1.8 or 2.0 liters with power of horse 140 - 160 - 5 dispatch the automatic transmission, with 4th and 5th being speeds overdrive for a better gas mileage of road.
- Ordering of nose gear wheel
- Direction and ordering of electric current by the system of power control of wire
- Struts of MacPherson with a new side spring of cancellation to the front one, whereas the back employs a compact fork of double of reagent-bond.

-15 or 16 tires
- Slope and telescopic wheel
- Air conditioning with the filter of micron
- Ordering of cruising
- System of brake ABS with the electronic distribution of brake
- Front, side, and air bags of curtain
- Packages available of DVD and navigation
- The second and third seats of line can be folded to the bottom individually for a flexible configuration of allowance of the places.
- Ordering of traction with the assistance of handling vehicle
- Cd Reader with the playback Mp3 and Auxillary entered for iPod etc
- Remote Entry Keyless
- Hope of I they keep the aspect of 4 doors! (not an enormous ventilator to slip the side doors).
- I 'd await a EX-L (package out of leather) with the seats before heated.
At all events, I think that this van would be one gaining sure on our market.
Here 'bond of SA at Honda 'Web site of S in the van;

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