2010 Honda Mugen Civic Type R 4

Personality plus the practical character and the pleasure of the drive, very combined in a car. Design , added to a single living room dignity that traditional Honda-have guaranteed the pleasure of the drive and low fuel consumption, it is these qualities concluded the successfully of the model with the truck with civic back forage ladder of generation of body eighth in the class of the compact cars.

Photos Honda Mugen Civic R4

The body of this new type of Honda Civic Mugen of new alloy model, longevity and aerodynamics of R. Model cuts out the new body civic one is the same one as in the model of 5 doors. Individuality does not give any fundamental change of the bodylines, but rather, there is a certain number of single details. Back glass gives the type of Honda Civic new model cut body of R , as well as a shaped glance.

Photos Honda Mugen Civic R4

The specific details of a new model of the type R of Honda Civic new with the body constitute a totality, and indicate without any doubt nature to pack the civic line of top-model. Type of Honda Civic of face of supplements new logo of car of R on the brake linings plane and the stainless steel doors

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