2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

new Shelby 2010 GT500 is the product of the most powerful SVT up to now with 540 powers in horses, a crowd of external and interior improvements, improvements of suspension and a better output of the fuel of road. The improvements made on Shelby 2010 GT500 are due in most of the work carried out by Ford and Shelby on the GT500KR.

Photos Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

We are proud many improvements which were developed jointly by Ford and of the cars of Shelby TEAM that we now incorporated in new Shelby 2010 GT500,said last year Carroll Shelby, founder of the cars of Shelby.Building on what we learned how to create Shelby GT500KR, offers of this new conveys a great combination of power, handling and slowing down. It is really a special car which is much of recreation to be led.

In the middle of Shelby 2010 GT500 are the air engine overfed duel and intercooled of V8 of cam of 5.4 liters producing 540 powers in horses and 510 pi-books. couple with financially discriminate against to be 6.250 t/mn. The 40 additional powers in horses come by a catch from cold air using a conical air filter to bring more air. A transmission six-speed uses an installation of twin-disc with discs of largeer diameter made of copper and glass fibre to make them the stand until almost with anything.

Photos Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The new devices found on Ford Mustang Shelby 2010 GT500 include the speed ratio of 3.55:1, the catch of cold air, aluminium the cap of dome of power with the extractor of heat, the spoiler of aileron of carriage of hospital, clutch improved of twin-disc for the transmission six-speed, 19 wheels with tires of Goodyear F1 Supercar on the half-compartment and reorganized divider.

The interior employs genuine materials such as true leather in all the seats, true aluminium on the instrument panel and insertions of Alcantara on the seats, the wheel and the lever initialize. The ball of lever is to be one-of-a-kind the iconic white with the model of for speeds and packing of the lines going from the end at the end. The seats inlayed with a topic of packing of line with the logo of cobra of relief in the head-rests

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