2009 Toyota Venza Priview

Toyota today launched an all-new utility vehicle for the 2009 model year the Venza. The Japanese automaker refers to the car as a crossover sedan which seems like an effort to avoid the use of “station wagon” at all costs. Toyota came up with the designation because the Venza combines “comfort and fun-to-drive performance elements of a five-passenger sedan” with the “utility of an SUV.

The Toyota Venza carrying ability is more like that of the taller Highlander than the Camry sedan. Passengers in the rear are treated to plentiful headroom and luxury-liner legroom, and an optional panoramic roof lets in lots of light. For hauling duty, the reclining rear seats fold down in one beautifully choreographed movement, resulting in a nearly flat cargo floor that can carry more than most families will ever need. Rearward visibility is restricted somewhat by a high beltline and a smallish window, but a backup camera with a clear and colorful display more than makes up for it.
2009 Toyota Venza

Toyota viewed Venza with exposure 2005 of Strait like concept of FT-SX. The tendency of engine brought back little time after the FT-SX the 's revealing which it will replace Solara like alternative of lifestyle of the line of Camry. While its finishing on side points out the enclave to me, with Toyota the 'catch of S on Buick 'the S organics, glance of fuselage, the nose and tail are Toyota pure, particularly its fattened face of Camry (the overall height is very low-SUV/large-truck 's 63.4 inches). Its rich interior and two-ton also emulate the enclave.

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