Peugeot Hybrid Sports Car

One of the new models that Peugeot will show with the Living room 2008 of the Car of Paris produces completely a little of buzz, because it is thought that is the narrowest concept functioning with the manufacturer of car to the 'nearest diesel hybrid of S, which sheduled to be on sale in 2010.

One has it in the beginning thought that Peugeot 'electric hybrid car diesel of S initially would be a small car, based on the truck with forage ladder postpones 207 or 308, but this new model could announce differently.

Peugeot Hybrid Sports Car

Peugeot indicates that the new concept is exciting, eco-effective vehicle what has all the characteristics which also ensure the great driving pleasure; a synthesis of the ideas which shows that the respect for the environment and the pleasure of drive can be compatible .Although the new sporting hybrid car of concept the 'hasn of S 't named still released, a certain number of images have, which provide as well as indices as for Peugeot 'the future direction of design of S its hybrid ambitions.

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