2009 Lotus Evora

The lotus published basic information and our first glance with the lotus 2009 eagle as enigma before the British automatic exposure of the next week when the true identity of the car will be indicate-Eagle is right its internal code name.

Up to that point, which we know for certain is that the eagle will be placed above Elise and the models and, like Europa of not-for-tea-U.S., the objectives of Requires S to provide the profitability of day in day increased, in and out which it should not be not more difficult to obtain means it than a Corvette, with a bottom, flat sill of door. Think the caiman of Porsche in opposition to the total toy of way: the eagle will carry more comforts of creature and will be taller (although it is a relative limit) which Elects and Requires it.


2009 Lotus Evora

The basic structure is similar to each other modern lotus: semi-with engine, light, and smaller than the majority of differently on the road. Like Europa, the eagle has a window postpones tilted and a fixed roof, although convertible arrives at a latter date.

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