Honda Civic Si Sedan Concept

All the goodness of the Honda Civic Si coupe has rubbed off onto 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan. The same 197-horsepower iVTEC 2.0-liter engine screams to an 8,000-rpm redline, the same transmission shifts quickly through six gears, the same limited-slip differential delivers great punch exiting the corners and the same sport seats help you resist the G-forces.


The Civic Si sedan is 2 inches longer than the coupe and weighs 60 pounds more, but it has the same high-performance personality and even makes the same numbers at the test track. It just happens to have four doors. This is great news.


Honda Civic Si Concept

The prototype is expected to finish development and be released in Spring 2007, in the Japanese market. The Honda Civic Type R sedan will have a specially tuned sport suspension and will feature the legendary K20 i-VTEC high-revving engine, over 220PS.

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